My journey began..


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Feb 15

Minimalism: The intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.

Having “too much stuff” was never my thing. Especially growing up in a 790 sq ft home with two other people. We (my parents and I) kept the bare essentials.

With all of my “moves” over the past 10 years including across country, I try to keep only the things I “need”. This is for my sanity. Clutter is a distraction. This week I purged my closet again (normally do this every 6 months) and I’m now a proud owner of 160 pieces of clothing. Still too much in my opinion but here’s what I started with….

Item                      Before purge
Jeans                       9
Tights                     9
Skirts                     13
Pjs                           14
Shorts                    4
Sweaters               25
Blazers                   4
Jackets                    9
T-shirts                 20
Camisoles              10
Dresses                  27
Jerseys                    6
Long sleeves         13
Sweat Pants          8
Collard shirts        15


213 pieces of clothing total! I got rid of 52 pieces including 2 pairs of shoes. I came to the conclusion that I need to invest in body suits this year. They seem simple and maybe I can cut back on my wardrobe even more?

How the hell did I have so many dresses when its very rare that I wear a dress? Maybe its a sign I should wear more dresses 🙂

I put you to the challenge of purging your wardrobe and only keeping the things that you love! This also is motivation to get rid of those old pieces and replace them with newer things that you love.

The goal is to make more room for your creativity/ideas. Get rid of the clutter around you and focus on the important things! That’s what minimalism is. I believe that this is one of the keys to success.


Feb 1st

I can not complain about much.

It is 71 degrees in California. I am still living part of my dream every day I wake up. 

My new golden silk sheets that I bought offline feel amazing since I have gotten use to them. .

I just finished a three day fast that I take part in once a month for my own personal reasons of tapping more into my intuition. It also serves as a detox to go into the first of each month feeling good. Needless to say… I feel good. 

My roasted chickpeas over herbed rice was amazing. Especially after three days of water only. 

Today I have been trying to learn more about building followers on IG and made payment to have my logo designed. These are the types of things I am excited to do while forming a successful platform. 

I also had a chance to talk with someone about my vision to bring awareness to Lupus and how I want to speak to young women about how important health is. 

More things to check √ off my vision board! I am so thankful and can not wait to see what else the future has in store. 

Please read “Secret the POWER” by Rhonda Byrne if you haven’t already. This book keeps me inspired to stick to my own script! 


Jan, 2017

Normally before sunrise I am awakened without an alarm.

I open my eyes and remember where I am. I finally made it to California, a dream of mine since a child.

The house is quiet. Probably just the sound of my heater as it keeps me warm. Anemia is one of the reasons I always wanted warmer weather but DAMMIT I still get cold.

I get out of bed to use the bathroom and check the progress of my skin, since Lupus rashed my entire face some time ago. It appears to be getting better. This is enough to make me wanna start my day.

Normally I have a smoothie for breakfast with a banana, vanilla coconut milk, and a scoop of greens. Sometimes I add berries, an apple, or some orange juice if i’m tired of the same old same old.

After breakfast I brush my teeth and curl back in bed to check my email, social medias, and plan my day. I take a look at my vision board to see what I can accomplish that day depending on my energy level. Some days I have enough focus to tackle large tasks and other days I just accomplish a few small tasks in order to check off the list.

As soon as the energy from the smoothie kicks in I am ready to get started. I make the bed, take a shower, put on some comfortable clothes and officially start my day.

My job as a young entrepreneur allows me to choose the work that I like to do. I am able to dedicate my time, energy, and money into my passion and visions. The interesting part is that it took so much to get here and I want to continue to share those stories with you about how I got here..


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