I am all too aware of the emotional effects associated with the traumatic experiences in which many of our young girls face today. As an only child, having myself been, sexually abused, neglected and homeless due to drug addicted parents as a child, the emotional and physical effects led to an adulthood of anger, bitterness and an insatiable, endless search for love and value in relationships and environments that did much more harm than good.

For the many young women who share the pain and hurt of being victims of abuse, they are not alone. Their abuse was real, but it doesn’t have to shape and define the rest of their lives.

Despite the abuse I experienced growing up, I was determined not to allow the painful memories and less ­fortunate circumstances to hinder me from pursuing my goals. This eventually led me to separate myself from the environment in which I was raised, moving from the suburbs of Philadelphia to the thriving metropolitan of Atlanta in hopes of becoming an entertainment producer a dream of mine since as early as junior high school. This decision led me to accomplish many great things, such as working with entertainment companies like Zamni Films, Be Creative Productions, Atlanta Film Studios and, perhaps my greatest success, working as an assistant at Tyler Perry Studios. Not to mention, the many connections I’ve made in the entertainment industry, which have opened doors necessary to aid me as I continue to pursue my dreams in production and giving back.

Even with my career success, however, it wasn’t until going through my ‘crisis’ that I experienced a breakthrough, gaining acceptance of my childhood experience and finding forgiveness for anyone involved. Truthfully, this was very difficult for me, but vital if I ever hoped to overcome the affects and move on. Spending time alone ­­away from harmful people and situations that did nothing but trigger the affects of my abuse was the most important step in getting to the place where I could rediscover my own value and clearly hear the voice of God redefine what my purpose is.

Because of my experiences, I have been compelled to reach out to the many, many young women who themselves are going through similar circumstances as I- ­­women who are victims of any form of abuse, whether it be neglect, physical abuse, or emotional abuse who have dreams of a better life, but feel imprisoned by the damage inflicted upon them. My heart’s desire is to empower women to thrive in spite of their circumstances ­­to help them find their own breakthroughs and personal healing, so that they too can live out their purpose.

Ultimately, the woman I am today is a product of both my accomplishments as well as the personal changes I’ve made which were necessary for my healing. As a realist, I know as long as there are broken families plagued with abusive environments, there is still much work to be done if we are going to see all victims overcome these traumatic experiences.

In light of this, I have started a not for profit and annual empowerment tour with the vision of developing strategies to empower young women to heal from what they’ve been through and to turn their negative experiences into positive endings. I also will be sharing stories on the Blog page that I hope inspire my readers not to give up.

In addition to developing the not for ­profit organization, I’m also actively involved in sharing first hand knowledge and experience in entertainment production with aspiring young entertainers in the Philadelphia area. . If you would like to find out more information, please visit my Contact page.